Affordable Homes from Shipping Containers

Welcome to the Building A Family Empire Group

An emerging Developer of New World Modular Community Developments (NWCD). Our NWCDs are permanent modular construction, which is subject to the same building codes and requirements as site built construction and are classified as real property.  

A large portion of our business model is focused on Affordable Single Family Rental Residences.  Made of sustainable, green, eco-friendly materials; including new/repurposed Shipping Containers.  Our belief is that an Affordable Home is the foundation to family wealth.  Each and every one of us has a different connotation of affordability, and B.A.F.E has an affordable home design just for you. 

Our model is quite different than most. We partner with like-minded organizations and individual investors to accomplish our mission in local markets.

New World Community Developments

We create deep partnerships with like-minded organizations to develop infill, greenfield and brownfield housing developments with a heavy emphasis on creating mixed income, place based communities and a housing first focus.

Scattered Site Residences

B.A.F.E Group, LLC., partners with accredited/non-accredited investors around the world to build new modular single family and multi-family residences in communities in Qualified Opportunity Zones. Read our Private Placement Memorandum.

We Offer Financing

Visit our preferred lenders:

On Q Financial  Patch of Land

Support Veterans #OVAL

Help to  empower, employ and engage our homeless veterans in our communities.  Our Mission is to build and donate custom modular homes nationwide for homeless Veterans.     For more visit our #OVAL page.  

Get $25k+ Downpayment

Are you interested in becoming a homeowner in Atlanta ?  Learn how the City of Atlanta's economic development agency can help you become a homeowner.  Visit for detailed information. 

We offer special programs for Homeless VeteransHealth Care WorkersTeachersFire/Police/EMS, Essential Workers

Affordable Housing

Interested in renting one of our affordable units? If you work,we have a unit for you!  Rental rates from $550 - $1600 per month.

We offer 20% of our units to local affordable housing initiatives.  For more info email

We build custom homes for as little as $82 per sq/ft. For more info click here

Atlanta GA Investors Special

The Atlanta City Council recently passed ordinance in reference to Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs).  You can now place a ADU in your backyard, include a stove and a shower and rent it out for $550 on a local platform   You can become a real estate investor for far less than you ever imagined.

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